Herbicides That Contain 2,4-D

To kill broadleaf weeds without damaging your grass, you will need to use a broadleaf herbicide. Many types of broadleaf herbicide are available. The active ingredient in these herbicides is often listed as 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid(C8H6Cl2O3, is callled 2,4-D for short). It is a selective broad leaf herbicide used to control several plant species, including bitterweed, Texas blueweed, broomweed, wild buckwheat and burdock.

Escalade low odor herbicide is specially formulated to be an effective weed killer without producing a strong, unpleasant smell. It is especially effective against clover, but will work against all broadleaf weeds. The active ingredients are fluroxypyr; 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid, also known as Dicamba; and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. Like spotlight,

Spotlight is a fast-working herbicide that does not damage cool-season or warm-season grasses. This herbicide is highly effective at killing clover and other problematic weeds. It can be used year-round on any kind of turf. Spotlight’s active ingredient is fluroxypyr, which disrupts the nuisance plant’s water intake process.

Trimec plus herbicide is effective not only against broadleaf weeds, but also against several grassy weeds, and is effective against many types of plants, including clover. It is safe to use on turf consisting of bluegrass, ryegrass, zoysiagrass and fescue. The active ingredients in Trimec Plus include monosodium acid methanearsonate; 2,4-D; propionic acid; and dicamba. Do not use it in areas where crabgrass, goosegrass, or dallisgrass is desired; it may also kill many garden plants.

The active ingredients of broadleaf weed control are 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid; propionic acid; and Dicamba. It is effective against a wide variety of broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, poison ivy and clover. This herbicide should be used no more than twice a year. Although it won’t kill grass, it will kill flowers, shrubs and vegetables, so it should not be applied near areas where they are growing.

The only active ingredient in weedar 64 broadleaf is 2,4-D and it works by distorting the target plant’s growth. At lower levels, the chemical regulates plant growth, but at higher levels it will kill the plant outright. Weedar 64 is not effective against clover, but kills a wide variety of weeds.