BASF Cooperates With Oleon In The Production Of Propylene Glycol

Recently, the Oil Products Company Oleon launched bio-based propylene glycol manufacturing factories in Belgium Ertvelde, a total of 120 people participated the activity, including employees of local government officials, the leadership of BASF and Oleon Ertvelde. As the world’s leading factory, the process of production applys a high degree of sustainable technologies.

Traditionally, propylene glycol is derived by the hydrolysis of epoxy propane,  while the new factory produces the chemical by the decomposition of glycerol in the by-product of oil of oil. In addition, using glycerol to produce propylene glycol significantly reduces the production steps, thereby increases the efficiency of the production of bio-based propylene glycol.

BASF is not only studies this glyceryl production with the Oleon company, but also provides a vital catalyst for the production process.

Michael Baier, the BASF catalyst vice president, said: “It’s very honored to cooperate with Oleon, and introduce this new production technology to the chemical market. Regarding glycerol as the starting materials will ensure the sustainability of bio-based propylene glycol production.”

Chris Depreeuw, the regional director of marketing of Oleon Ertvelde, then added: “Oleon already started using green chemistry technologies that was known by most people. The perfect cooperation with BASF allow our company to achieve ecological technology of production of propylene glycol.