The Operating Rate Of Global Methanol Equipments Is Expected To Rebound

In 2011, the global demand for methanol totaled about 54 million tons. In the next few years, drived by the rapid development of emerging application areas, the global methanol demand in 2015 will surge to 85 million tons. By then, the overcapacity situation of global methanol is expected to be effective mitigated, and the average operating rate of methanol devices will be back up to about 80% compared to 60% to 65% in the last two years. This information was obtained by the reporter from the recent the General Assembly of China International Nitrogen Fertilizer And Methanol In 2012.

Pang eagle, the senior director of IHS consulting firm, analysized the global methanol market conditions in detail. He pointed out that, from 2008 to 2011 the global methanol production capacity increase at an average annual 10 million tons, while demand growth large far behind the capacity growth. Because of excess capacity, the average operating rate of the methanol plant is maintained at 60% to 65%.The global annual increase of the methanol production capacity is estimated to 3 million tons in 2012 to 2015, at the same time demands for methanol blended gasoline, methanol to dimethyl ether and methanol to olefins and other emerging applications will continue to grow rapidly, especially in the year of 2015, a large number of methanol to olefins projects will put into operation in China, methanol consumption in this field will be more than 15 million tons. The fast growth in demand is expected to make the methanol plant, the average operating rate rose to about 80%.

As for North America region, he said, the methyl tert-butyl ether production in this region is significantly reduced because of the impact of methyl tertiary butyl ether contaminated water events in the past five years, resulting methanol consumption decreased by 30%. Methanol demand and production in the region in the next few years will continue to show weakness stagnation state does not have a big development.

European region about consumed 8 million tons of methanol each year in recent years, leading to the methanol consumption in the region of 2015 to reach about 900 million tons. The region produces methanol by using natural gas as raw material. It doesn’t have the advantages of raw materials, so the production of methanol shows a downward trend, the methanol consumption in the future will rely mainly on imports.

Northeast Asia is the main consuming market of methanol, accounting for more than 60% of the total global consumption. Methanol production and consumption in the region is basically concentrated in mainland China. The methanol consumption situation of the Chinese market is a hot topic of global concern.