Russia Will Officially Accession To the WTO After A Month

Russian State Duma agreed Russia’s accession to the WTO Agreement by a simple majority on July 10, which means that Russia will officially become a WTO member a month later.

The result of voting on that day is 238 votes in favor, 208 votes against and 1 abstention. The Russian State Duma has 450 seats, the WTO accession agreement requires at least 226 votes to pass. After 18 years of arduous negotiations,  the Working Group of Russia’s accession to the WTO passed the final text of Russia’s WTO accession agreement on November 10, 2011. The same year, the Eighth Ministerial Meeting of WTO formally approved Russia’s accession to the WTO on December 16.

Recently, the caucus of the State Duma had a fierce debate on the approval of Russia’s accession to the WTO agreement. Since concerned about the entry of Russia will damage the profits of their own enterprises, the Russian Communist caucus opposed the approval of its agreement. Fair Russia party thought that Russia has not well prepared for the entry of WTO, suggested a delay of several years of WTO accession. However, due to support the ratification of the WTO accession agreement, the United Russia party to occupy a simple majority of seats in the State Duma, the agreement has been finally passed.

Under the relevant provisions, Russia will become a WTO member 30 days later after its own legislative body approving the accession to the WTO agreement formally become a WTO member.