Barbiturates Information

Barbiturates are a class of drugs which have historically been used as sedatives and anesthetics. It produce a calming effect by acting on your central nervous system, thus controlling convulsions, causing you to get drowsy and inducing sleep. A lot of people turn to drugs to cope with stress, anxiety, seizure disorders and insomnia. There are a lot of medications that have barbiturates in them. You may have taken barbiturates and not even been aware of it.

Barbiturates, derived from barbituric acid, were introduced in the early 1900s. In those days, science and medicine were not very advanced, and many people became addicted to the drug. Barbiturates have since been replaced by benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are more widely used and preferred because tolerance develops more slowly, reduces the risk of a lethal dose and has a wider therapeutic index.

These drugs are formulated on a base of barbituric acid, which acts on the central nervous system. In low doses, barbiturates can have a sedative effect, which is one reason they were historically used to address anxiety and sleeplessness. These drugs are also used in the control of seizures, as their depressive effect on the central nervous system appears to help with controlling seizures. In higher doses, barbiturates cause a loosening of inhibitions, and they can have an anesthetic effect.

Some examples of barbiturates include sodium pentathol, phenobarbital, and secobarbital, primodone and butalbital.Barbiturates are not illegal, as long as you have a prescription. Drugs that are prescribed for people suffering from headaches, seizures, insomnia or gastro-intestinal complications all have barbiturates in them and could cause you to flunk a drug test. Diethyl malonate(CAS No. 105-53-3) is used in the production of these drugs.

The reduction in prescriptions of barbiturates has radically lowered rates of abuse, and has contributed to a significant decline in deaths or serious injuries due to overdose. However, individuals who abuse drugs can still seek out alternatives, which may be more or less dangerous than this class of drugs. People who are attempting to curb abusive habits may opt to attend a residential treatment facility so that they can be helped with their addiction and the unpleasant side effects associated with the cessation of drug use.