Foreign Media Spread Half of Iran’s Petroleum Were Sold To China

Reuters reported on 18th July, the latest report of an oil industry consulting company from Geneva said that, China’s oil that imported from Iran recently had risen to the historical high level, the amount was expected to account for half of the petroleum export in Iran. But there are some analysts saying that, these similar arguments often appear in western public opinion field, its veracity and motivation are dubious.

According to the report, the industrial consulting company of Geneva ” gasoline logistics ” said, Iran petroleum export in July is expected to an average of 1.084 million barrels, which is almost the same to the amount in June. Due to the Iranian nuclear issue, the United States and the European Union has announced earlier that the imposition of sanctions on Iran’s crude oil exports and urged the international community, especially the traditional oil-importing countries to give response. Sanctions by the United States and the European Union, Iran’s petroleum exports by half in the period from February to June.

“Arab Times” reported on 18th, China, India, Japan, Turkey and China Taiwan region continue to import Iranian oil at present. The report said that, through negotiating lower prices by reducing imports, China now has easily become the largest customer of Iranian petroleum resins. Its Iranian crude oil imports in July is expected to increase to 59 million barrels, accounting for 54 percent of Iran’s total exports more than imports of the 43 million barrels a day in June, is also higher than the average daily imports of 48 million barrels a day last year.