Adipic Acid Market Rose Slightly

On Tuesday, the adipic acid market rose slightly. Due to the rise of crude oil and price adjustment of benzene, the adipic acid market began to be active, buyers and sellers operated actively at present.

However, the current high inventory is still one of the factors that hinder prices, the industry outlook is full of uncertainty, operators held the state of cautious. The supply market of mainstream price was 9700-9950 yuan / ton in Liaoning, China. The number of supply transactions was in 9700-9900 yuan / ton in Shandong and Xinjiang. The adipic acid (C6H10O4)analysts of LongZhong expect that, in the short term, the chemical will keep a pattern of a slight concussion.

Upstream benzene: the outer disk ran highly, the plate difference between inside and outside was 1000 yuan / ton. It can be expected that, to seek profits, Sinopec will raise the possibility once again in the short term. Traders to small and medium sized single arbitrage shipments large Shan reluctant to sell, waiting for the benzene prices increase again, not more than the spot market supply. Today’s offer continues to move up to 7750-7800 yuan / ton, few quetoed unrealistically up to 7850 yuan / ton, buyers bargain positivly, the atmosphere of inquiry was well.