How To Get Rid Of Mites?

Mites are vermin that feed off the blood of certain animals and can get into homes and cause allergic reactions for many people. They are not known to be biting mites, but they can attack by stripping off layers of skin, creating painful sores and blisters. You can get rid of then through stringent sanitization and cleaning, repairing fissures and holes in floors or walls, and employing the use of chemicals. Fortunately, there are several actions that can be taken to help you accomplish mite elimination.

Since they are too small to be seen with the naked eye, you will likely sense their presence by either feeling them on your skin or having some sort of allergic reaction. The first step to eradicating these household mites is to strip all bedding from your mattress and wash it thoroughly in disinfectant soap and hot water. This should be done biweekly as a preventative measure even if you do not have a bed mite infestation.

The cleaning process, however, is just beginning. Either remove carpeting, or sprinkle carpets with Borax and leave it on overnight. Borax will help to kill mites by dehydrating them. Do just one room at a time so you can close it off to pets and children. After the borax has been left on the carpet over night, vacuum it up and throw out the bag as soon as you are finished. Vacuum curtains, furniture and pet products.

Another important step in wiping out bed mites is a meticulous repairing of any fissures, cracks, or other small openings in walls, flooring, and even furniture. The insects love dark, moist places, and these spots are a preferred nesting place, second only to mattresses and pillows. By going over holes with filler or sealant, you can keep more mites out and focus on destroying the ones that have already infested the area.

In the bedroom, use non-organic bed linens or linens with a high thread count so mites are not attracted to them. Protect your mattress by using a latex rubber mattress cover and wash all bed linens regularly in hot water.

There are other chemical products on the market which are not considered pesticides and contain benzyl benzoate(also known as Ascabin or Ascabiol, CAS No. 120-51-4) and tannic acid. These two ingredients have shown great success in getting rid of bed mites and their associated allergens. Chemical-free pest control options are also widely available.

While there are many chemicals that you can use to de-mite your house, there are also natural products that help get rid of mites as well. If you choose to go the natural route, stalk up on empty containers and spray bottles and then fill them with products such as tea tree oil, fennel, eucalyptus, mint oil, lemon juice, cedar oil and marigold.