Japan’s TDK Produced Ferrite Magnet That Off Rare Earth

The “Japanese Economic News” recently reported, TDK company in Japan (the original Japanese electrical chemical industrial company) developed the ferrite magnets that off rare earth, and planed to produce on April 2013. It also expected that the production will account for 40% of the total production of magnets.

This new type of ferrite magnet is not added the rare earth lanthanum (La, 7439-91-0) and the rare metal cobalt oxide (CoO, and the CAS number is 1307-96-6), but by the fine crushing of the magnetic body particlesand other new technology, it can also be able to achieve the same high performance standards of the rare earth magnet. The product can be an be widely used in automotive electric chair, electric windows, electric mirrors, small and medium-sized motors, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other white goods area.

The advantages of this new magnet can be concluded as the following: it is not subject to dramatic influence changes of the rare earth price; low prices and stable supply. It is expected that Japanese electronics companies that with production and sales of white goods for emerging markets will widely use this material.