The Ingredients Of Expensive Lotion Is Only Water?

According to Beijing Youth Daily news, recently Evian, Avene and other lotions were ridiculeed by the British media. They said that the ingredients of these lotion is just water, while their price were more expensive than oil. The beauty experts then ridiculed this assertion and said that the lotion is for skin, is not the water simplely for the vehicle tank.

British “Sun” recently put gun pointed at lotion water in cosmetics. The report showed that these lotions were known as providing fresh feeling for the skin, but most of the components was water. If converted in accordance with the capacity, the price of these make-up water is 60 times that of gasoline (CAS NUMBER: 86290-81-5). Brands including Evian and Avene were named.

British media reported that in order to confuse the public, some cosmetic companies deliberately did not list the ingredients of lotions, instead of using “aqua”, which is actually the Latin name of water.

However, there are also beauty experts in China saying that, most of the cosmetics are synthetic chemical products, people should not simply just look at the ingredient list. “If in accordance with the understanding of these people, the diamond wore on woman hands is just a bunch of carbon only.”