America Developed A Type Of Hidden Brace

At present, the number of cases that treatments of uncorrect teeth is growing. Half of the Juvenile dental patients are because of deformed teeth and other reasons. Adults receive treatments as the same, but often due to the pursuit of the beautiful.

Now, Align Technology Inc. in California of the United States has developed a transparent plastic “hidden” braces. “Hidden” braces are a pair of upper and lower jaws were to wear one. In the course of treatment, replacement of different types of braces should according to the different stages, under a slight pressure they can make the teeth slowly adjusted to the appropriate location.

The manufacturer ensured that, in normal conversation distance, people will never notice the mouth of teeth correction braces. Moreover, the correction rate of this so-called Plastic Hidden Braces is up to 95%, nomatter it is aimed at young people or adults.

Of course, this requires patience and perseverance, because the duration of treatment needs 6 months to 12 months, and you can only remove it in the time of dining or cleaning when. Usually the doctor will do a dental model first. In complex situations it may need to taken as a dental X-rays, to produce a digital model of the computer on the basis of these data, and then the teeth can determine in advance at each stage of the braces. During the gradual corrective on teeth may, it may require a total of 15-30 braces.